Deficiency Work

Minor change orders are often put off by most work crews, but Limpio specializes in fixing these defects so our clients can move into their new homes faster.

Limpio provides deficiency work in Vancouver, Canada.

Deficiency Work

Deficiency Work

We deal with deficiencies so you can focus on other business-critical tasks.

  1. Design Defects

Some defects result from a design professional’s failure to produce accurate and well-organized construction documents. Design defects occur by error or omission. Errors usually require some sort of redesign and replacement of a component part, while omission can be remedied by adding to a contractor’s scope of work through change orders.

  1. Material Defects

When the damage is caused by defective materials, the parties in charge of using these materials usually won’t become aware of the defect until after they’ve already been incorporated into the project. This makes material defects particularly expensive because they may require additional labor and new materials.

  1. Workmanship Defects

The workmanship defects may or may not affect the entire structure, often times they're isolated to a single part of the house. On the other hand, structural defects are much more serious and can be catastrophic, bringing down an entire house.

Three Reasons to Choose Limpio


Save Time

Save Time

We clean for you so you and your team can save time.

We help developers and contractors clean their property so they can serve keys to their property owners faster.

Partner with Specialists

Partner with Specialists

We have decades of cleaning experience.

The Limpio Team are cleaning specialists. We help our clients clean so they can focus their time on business-critical tasks.

Prepare Properties for Sale

Prepare Properties for Sale

We help you sell your property faster.

We help developers transition their properties from under-construction to ready-to-move-in. Under construction means the property is not ready for sale. Ready-to-move-in means the building is owner-ready.

Our customers love us


Limpio allows me to keep my hands clean, literally. Thanks, Limpio!

Trent Darnell, Construction Supervisor, Thor Industries

It's great to see Limpio partner with local construction companies in Vancouver.

Westley Everitt, Foreman, Papoda

I am eager to see Limpio grow and expand in Vancouver.

Agnes Jamey, Owner, Indilature

Construction sites get dirty and messy. Limpio allows our team to focus on construction, not clean-up.

Wilton Marigold, Contractor, Biotight

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A clean construction site matters. Contact us and we'll discuss your cleaning needs.